Space Biology Working Group kick-off meeting!

The U-M Space Institute is seeking to foster a campus-wide collaborative effort on aspects of space biology, i.e. the biology of organisms in microgravity and extreme space conditions.
The Institute aspires to launch an interdisciplinary research initiative to explore problems in human, animal, and plant biology and microbiology in space habitats. The Institute is also
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Lunar Biology Technology Workshop (LBTech)

A virtual event hosted by the NASA Space Biology Program

April 20-21, 2022

researchers, payload developers, platform providers

Are you a biologist seeking interaction with engineers to design your ideal experiment? Are you a payload developer looking for insight into how to support the next generation of space experiments? Are you a platform/lunar lander provider interested in learning more about Continue Reading »

Seminar on Space Exploration

Chair’s Distinguished Lecture: Challenges and Opportunities for Space Exploration with Autonomous Small Spacecraft

AE585_seminar - Jia-Richards.jpg
Oliver Jia-Richards
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This seminar will cover some of the research challenges and opportunities for space exploration using autonomous small spacecraft, with an emphasis on the interaction between the propulsion system and
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Developing Partnerships with the Space Physics Research Laboratory -SPRL

The University of Michigan Space Institute and the Space Physics Research Laboratory (SPRL) invite you to join us to learn more about SPRL and how to develop partnerships with SPRL. 
SPRL Director Sue Lepri and Managing Director Patrick McNally will discuss SPRL capabilities (technology development, hardware expertise, project management, etc.) and some current and past
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MICHR and Space Institute join forces

The Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Care (MICHR), in collaboration with the Space Institute, hosts a Research Jam to spur discussions and collaborations on Space Medicine. Read the call and take the survey!

U-M Space Institute Seeks Cross-Disciplinary Expertise to Advance Research in Space Medicine

The University of Michigan Space Institute seeks to spur

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