Over 150 researchers and industry professionals are affiliates at the University of Michigan Space Institute. 

Being an affiliate means you have access to research conversations, information on U-M space related programs, and the opportunity to connect with others.


Organizational Connections

We are developing a group from academia, industry and government that will invest in the success of University of Michigan Space Institute activities. This includes:

  • Identify needs of external stakeholders for research and education
  • Connect UM researchers to external collaborators
  • Recruit collaborators coordinate on large, space-centric challenges
  • Build an external advising network
  • Foster regular conversation and opportunities for investment
  • Forge partnerships between business and industry, generating new ideas for joint projects and ventures


Alumni Connections

We seek to coordinate the space-related departments and programs in their relationships with alumni and friends. We will help you connect with your home program, as well as create new ways for you to become involved with the exciting projects and courses at the University of Michigan.

We are especially interested in connecting alumni and friends with student project work, either in courses or clubs, to enable students to have direct interactions with those outside of the academic sphere in the “real world.”

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