Space Biology Working Group kick-off meeting!

The U-M Space Institute is seeking to foster a campus-wide collaborative effort on aspects of space biology, i.e. the biology of organisms in microgravity and extreme space conditions.
The Institute aspires to launch an interdisciplinary research initiative to explore problems in human, animal, and plant biology and microbiology in space habitats. The Institute is also interested in developing coursework and educational activities on space biology.
The kick-off virtual meeting is scheduled for Monday July 11, at 10am.
To receive the link, contact Eleni Gourgou,
The goal is to form a Space Biology Working Group that will be meeting regularly to flesh out collaborative research and educational efforts, and to work on submitting large scale proposals (NSF, NASA, DoD, etc) in the next academic year.  Please let us know if you are interested but unable to attend.
(for topics focusing on human health, a parallel working group on Space Medicine is currently under formation; let us know if you are interested in that–contact: Kathryn Clark,