The University of Michigan Space Institute

Empowering the University of Michigan to Advance Its World Leadership in Space

The Space Institute is the central focal point of space-related research across the entire University of Michigan campus, where stakeholders are encouraged to collaborate creatively and effectively with colleagues from a broad range of backgrounds.

We Advance Leadership in Space Activities:
  • Scientifically (including fundamental and applied research)
  • Technically (via engineering and project synergies)
  • Socially (emphasizing society’s reliance on space)
  • Commercially (through innovation, workforce education and corporate partnerships)
Our Focus is Three-Fold:
  1. Conduct research from space
  2. Design systems to operate in space
  3. Allow humans to live in space

Special Announcements

  • Course Opportunity:
    AEROSP 495-0070/ Fall 2024 (1 credit)
    Engineering Considerations and Research for Supporting Human Spaceflight
    Instructor: Emily Matula (Leidos, NASA Johnson Space Center)

    This is a 7-session seminar series to review the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) necessary to support human spaceflight, and what special design constraints the spaceflight environment imposes. Lecture material includes a review of the body’s response to microgravity, research characterizing human spaceflight adaptation, the vehicle systems required to address these responses, and some of the ECLSS designs used today. Target audience are graduate or 4th year undergraduate students in the College of Engineering.

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