Welcome from the Institute Director

Welcome to the website for the University of Michigan Space Institute!

We are excited to be launching this new initiative across the campus, bringing together faculty and students with an interest in outer space.

The University of Michigan Space Institute will be the central focal point of space-related research across the entire University of Michigan campus, where faculty will be able to creatively and effectively collaborate with colleagues from a broad range of backgrounds. The focus of the Space Institute will include conducting research from space, designing systems to operate in space, and allowing humans to live in space. It will foster connections beyond the traditional departmental boundaries, interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents. With an emphasis on education, the Space Institute will serve as a common entity for connecting students with space-related courses, space-focused student groups, and faculty offering space research experiences and career-enhancing opportunities.

The Space Institute allows the University of Michigan to maintain and grow its place as a premiere institute for space-related research and education in the United States, and the U-M already has many faculty members conducting leading edge space-related research across campus. While the prime locations for these faculty are in the Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering (CLASP), Astronomy, and Aerospace Engineering departments, our affiliate list of over 100 faculty spans every department in the College of Engineering, and several in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. We anticipate our affiliates expanding in the near future to include other U-M units such as Michigan Medicine, the School of Kinesiology, the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, the University of Michigan Law School, and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

The Space Institute will empower the University of Michigan to advance its world leadership in space activities scientifically (including fundamental and applied research), technically (via engineering and project synergies), socially (emphasizing society’s reliance on space), and commercially (through innovations, innovators, workforce education and corporate partnerships). The University of Michigan is a top U.S. public university, and a vital component of the economy of the state of Michigan. The Space Institute will help promote Michigan’s expertise and excellence in space.

We look forward to working with everyone interested in the creation of this new institute!


Prof. Mike Liemohn

Michael W. Liemohn

Michael Liemohn

Space Institute Director

U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

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