Student Opportunities

Our goal is to bring space-related educational opportunities to students across the University of Michigan, to foster interdisciplinary and innovative approaches in education. This includes:

  • Development of new minor/certificate program
  • Maintain resources on space-related curriculum across the University, cross-department education coordination
  • Coordinate with student groups
  • Coordinate education-focused symposia and workshops

The University of Michigan offers many space-focused courses, but these are taught in many different departments. We have a listing of them here, Course List. There are also several student groups that offer space project work beyond the classroom, which we have listed here, Student Groups. Finally, there are many faculty that conduct space-related research. Those affiliated with the Space Institute are listed here (coming soon), along with their areas of expertise to allow students to find faculty that might be willing to offer space research and career-enhancing opportunities.

The Space Institute is working with these programs, faculty, and student groups to better coordinate courses, programs, and degree offerings. We plan to create new interdisciplinary minors, certificates, and courses that cut across normal unit boundaries, offering unique space-related programs for University of Michigan students.

James Cutler

James Cutler

Associate Director for Education

U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering