Working Groups

Bringing People Together

We have created Working Groups to enable collaboration within specific topical areas of interest. Working Groups can be formed at any time by interested parties to enable such collaboration. We have selected a few topical areas for our initial Working Groups (see below), but we welcome suggestions for additional topical areas. You can use this form to suggest a working group, tell us a little about the topical area and what might be of interest to pursue within this area, and even the contact information for yourself and others who might be interested in joining such a group.

CubeSats Working Group

CubeSats are small, modular spacecraft that help provide low-cost access to space. UM has developed and launched over 15 CubeSat missions to explore space weather and test novel technology on orbit. This working group is dedicated to CubeSat educational and development efforts.

Contact Prof. James Cutler for more information.

Peach Mountain Working Group

Peach Mountain is home to the UM Radio Astronomy Observatory, a collection of radio dishes and telescopes searching the sky for science and communication. We are in the process of restoring the site to enable new educational and research opportunities such as tracking new CubeSat missions to the Moon.

Contact Prof. James Cutler for more information.

Space Medicine Working Group

We stand at the advent of a new era in human exploration and research in space. Michigan Space Medicine was created with the goal to collectively arm ourselves in facing this challenge. Learn more about us.

Contact Michael Paschke if you would like to be a part of this working group.

Space Biology Working Group

Our kick-off meeting is taking place on July 11, 2022. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in this working group, please contact Eleni Gourgou.