MICHR and Space Institute join forces

The Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Care (MICHR), in collaboration with the Space Institute, hosts a Research Jam to spur discussions and collaborations on Space Medicine. Read the call and take the survey!

U-M Space Institute Seeks Cross-Disciplinary Expertise to Advance Research in Space Medicine

The University of Michigan Space Institute seeks to spur campus-wide, cross-disciplinary collaborations to address some of the most challenging problems in the field of space medicine. In addition to helping humans thrive in space, discoveries will have great potential to improve health on Earth, informing areas such as remote care, advanced surgical techniques, and the aging process, among many others. The emergence of a new era of space exploration, combined with funding opportunities from federal agencies and the private sector, provides a unique opportunity for us to develop shared research questions and agendas that will broadly benefit human health.

MICHR and the Space Institute will host a Research Jam in the first quarter of 2022 to collectively vision the future of space medicine at U-M and to begin building a diverse community of interested colleagues.

We invite all who are interested in participating in this initial conversation to complete a brief survey via the button below.