NASA Spaceflight Virtual Symposium

NASA Spaceflight for Everybody Virtual Symposium – November 8-10, 2021

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NASA continues to extend spaceflight opportunities through Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, Innovation, and Precision Medicine.

The purpose of the symposium is to communicate the current state of NASA spaceflight health knowledge. Speakers will highlight NASA’s operational medicine and biomedical research findings that are establishing how the human body adapts to the space environment  during space missions. Additionally, other health & medical topics will be discussed including the future goal for spaceflight participation for other nontraditional able-bodied people. We will also discuss the benefits of partnering with commercial providers on human health research to NASA, the commercial spaceflight sector, and to the scientific community. The symposium will be recorded for future public use and a summary of the symposium will be published. The product of the symposium is a better awareness of how NASA protects the health of all astronauts and our plans to do so in the future. The target audience is both healthcare professionals interested in space medicine and interested parties in the general public.

Specific Aims
            •  Educate and excite the public about the future possibilities of human spaceflight
            •  Demonstrate how precision health and other innovations expand spaceflight to a more diverse group of space explorers
            •  Identify spaceflight health challenges and how we mitigate and counter them
            •  Demonstrate how NASA has partnered with commercial space providers with a goal of expanding access to space
            •  Demonstrate efforts to broaden exploration opportunities from the ground up – leadership, engineering, science, participants, etc.

Invitees: Scientists and researchers in space medicine and health related areas; the public