University of Michigan Space Institute Grants

Pathfinder and Power Grants

The University of Michigan Space Institute invites eligible faculty, instructors, researchers, students, or student teams to submit a proposal for seed funding in support of research, instructional, or student projects.

Support is provided for activities and initiatives that develop new, or augment existing, research and educational activities focused on aerospace, space science, engineering and technology, space exploration and related disciplines in the sciences, mathematics, arts, law and policy. Selection criteria for the proposals emphasize two things: supporting topics that are multi-disciplinary, connecting across different engineering disciplines and departments; and supporting projects that are directly tied to the development of a proposal for externally sponsored space-related activities. Proposals should address one or the other of these criteria, and proposals considered strongest will address both of them.

Each award will provide up to $5,000 in funding, to be used in the semester following the award announcement (fall, winter or summer). The period of performance is one semester (fall, winter or summer). One no-cost extension may be granted if funds remain unspent at the end of the semester within which a grant is awarded. Up to 4 awards, or as long as funding is available, will be made per cycle.

Please carefully read the full Call for Proposals before preparing and submitting your application. Use the application form link below to submit your completed application.

Budget Template

Call for Proposals

Application Form

** As you prepare your application, please make sure your documents highlight the following:

  • How your team will use the $5,000 from UMSI, especially if the funding is part of a larger project
  • For Pathfinder grants – the interdisciplinary nature of the work and the pathway to external funding
  • For Power grants – the breadth and impact of the educational opportunities

Deadlines for submission – July 1,  November 1,  March 1

Award Announcements – August 1, December 1, April 1

For questions on proposal preparation or submission, please contact