The Space Institute is the central focal point of space-related research across the entire University of Michigan campus, where faculty collaborate with colleagues from a broad range of backgrounds. 

The focus of the Space Institute includes

Conducting research from space

Designing systems to operate in space

Allowing humans to live in space

We connect beyond the traditional departmental boundaries, interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents. With an emphasis on education, the Space Institute serves as a common entity for connecting students with space-related courses, space-focused student groups, and faculty offering space research experiences and career-enhancing opportunities.

The Space Institute positions the University of Michigan to maintain and grow its place as a premiere institute for space-related research and education in the United States.

We empower the University of Michigan to advance its world leadership in space activities scientifically (including fundamental and applied research), technically (via engineering and project synergies), socially (emphasizing society’s reliance on space), and commercially (through innovations, innovators, workforce education and corporate partnerships).