Space Medicine Draft

We stand at the advent of a new era in human exploration and research in space. Michigan Space Medicine was created with the goal to collectively arm ourselves in facing this challenge.

Our Mission

University of Michigan Space Medicine is a communications, engagement, and research vehicle for students, academics, clinicians, and the public to explore the benefits and challenges of space medicine and interplanetary health. With momentum growing in both the exploration and commercialization of space, we stand at the advent of a new era in human exploration and research. We recognize that new health related questions will emerge in this endeavor, and we seek to overcome these challenges through inter-departmental research, innovative application, and collaborative engagement.

It is predicted that the global space industry will be worth over $1 trillion by 2040, and this amount of growth will necessitate innovation and open the door to domains uncharted and unexplored. We aim to proactively take on the challenges that will inevitably arise in this new era through a diverse plethora of interdisciplinary researchers and academics. The University of Michigan has a long-standing tradition of excellence in engineering, medicine, business, the humanities and the arts. This distillation of varied excellence can be found and tapped at Michigan Space Medicine.

Call to Action

We are looking for interested researchers, faculty and space medicine community members to initiate Michigan Space Medicine seminars! We would love to host interested presenters for the organization. Please reach out at the bottom of the page.

Interested in getting involved?

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