Workshops and Symposia

The Space Institute plans to hold several workshops and symposia every year. Workshops are discussion-based gatherings focused on a particular outcome, such as collaborative research projects and proposal concepts. Symposia are presentations-based gatherings centered on a particular theme, such as a research topic or demographic (i.e., students).

Targeted Workshops

  • Targeted workshops and symposia will be initiated by the executive committee.
    • This includes an annual institute-wide symposium
    • Workshop examples include preparation for an upcoming major research funding announcement

Solicited Workshops

  • Solicited workshops and symposia will be selected from submissions to an annual call for proposals
    • Please see the other display board for information on the three selected in this year’s call for workshops


The Space Institute has selected the following workshops for funding in 2019

Imaging for Life Detection

  • Nilton Renno, Climate & Space Sciences & Engineering
  • Foster communication among space scientists, astrobiologists, and technologists to stimulate the development of new tools to study microbial life on Earth and beyond
  • August 28-30, 2019

On Orbit Autonomous Construction

  • Benjamin Jorns, Aerospace Engineering
  • Establish the feasibility and logistics of an architecture for building spacecraft autonomously from raw materials in orbit
  • Dates to be set, targeting January 2019

SmallSat Precision Formation Flying

  • John Monnier, Astronomy
  • Bring together engineers and astronomers from CoE, LSA, and outside UM interested in precision formation flying to enable optical interferometry using SmallSats by 2030
  • Dates to be set, likely Winter term