Research Strategy

Our goal is to form a team to guide the vision of the institute and develop a long-term plan for a sustainable future, with a near-term focus on:

  • Understanding how we want Institute to evolve.
  • Embedding into extant environment, leveraging on-going efforts, and proposing appropriate enhancements.
  • Identifying barriers to proposing for large programs.
  • Developing strategies to overcome those barriers.
  • Hosting NASA Workshop for PI Training.

The Space Institute strives to propel the University of Michigan ever higher in its global leadership position in space engineering, science, habitability, policy, law, and business. In addition to facilitating faculty collaborations, we want to transform the way the University community thinks about interdisciplinary research projects, including University policies and practices, to better enable these connections and help them succeed.

Every institution slowly, often inadvertently, builds structural barriers to inter-unit and cross-disciplinary interactions. This is especially true for proposing and implementing large-scale projects. The Space Institute is working to identify and address these obstacles to large-scale interdisciplinary interactions.



Michael Meyer

U-M Astronomy