Research Interactions

Our goal is to facilitate growth of innovative and multidisciplinary research ventures by fostering exchanges of ideas through expertise and resource management, events for open discussions, workshops, informal meetings. Activities include:

  • Manage information on space-relevant research expertise of members, existing facilities and resources across the institute and campus;
  • Support scientific and technical interactions between research groups and across disciplines;
  • Serve as interface between space- and non-space-centric groups to enable cross-fertilization of ideas that generate new synergies, innovations and research ventures;
  • Develop and co-sponsor seminars, symposia, workshops.

The Space Institute will bring faculty together to foster meaningful connections that result in new collaborations. We will expand the research portfolio of the University of Michigan by crossing the barriers that keep us within our normal comfort zone. We will facilitate the creation of new projects that are only dreams right now, but with the right mix of people in the group we can make it happen.

Through focused networking events, discussion-based workshops, and formal seminars and symposia, we are bringing the University of Michigan community closer together to synergistically tackle new types of space research projects and expand the scope of space research on campus.



Mirko Gamba

U-M Aerospace Engineering