Organizational Structure

Maize and blue three block diagram

Space Institute Executive Committee

Comprised of the Director, Associate Directors, several at-large members for broad representation, and ex-officio members, such as the Directors of the Space Physics Research Laboratory, the Leinweber Space Innovation Laboratory, and the Michigan Space Grant Consortium.

Each of the Associate Directors has one or more committees working directly with them to achieve their objectives for the Space Institute. If you are a faculty member at the University of Michigan and would like to serve on one of these committees, please contact the appropriate Associate Director.

Space Institute Internal Advisory Committee

Department chairs, associate deans, and other internal stakeholders interested in the success of the institute. It is envisioned that the internal advisory board will meet with the institute’s executive committee at least once per year.

Space Institute External Advisory Committee

Alumni and friends from industry, government, and other academic institutions.

It is envisioned that the external advisory board will meet with the Space Institute’s executive committee on an annual basis. This board has not yet been formed. If you are an alumni or friend of the University of Michigan working in a space-related position and would like to be considered for a position on this board, then please contact the Associate Director for External Engagement, Prof. Mirko Gamba.