Space Institute Leadership

Executive Committee

Space Institute Director

Michael W. Liemohn Michael Liemohn
U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Space Institute Leads

Kathleen SevenerLead for Campus Community Engagement: Kathleen Sevener
U-M Materials Science & Engineering

Engaging the full U-M campus community with the Space Institute

James CutlerLead for Education and Curriculum: James Cutler
U-M Aerospace Engineering

Developing new courses for CubeSat design, build, and test experiences for students

Lead for Space Biology: Eleni GourgouEleni Gourgou
U-M Mechanical Engineering

Connecting space technology with space biology.

Mirko GambaLead for External Engagement: Mirko Gamba
U-M Aerospace Engineering

Connecting with alumni, friends, corporations, and government agencies.

Space Institute Liaisons

Liaison to the Leinweber Space Innovation Laboratory: Brian Gilchrist

Director of the Leinweber Space Innovation Laboratory Brian Gilchrist
U-M Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Bringing faculty and students together to formulate new space projects into realistic ideas, actual designs, and submitted proposals.

Liaison to the Space Physics Research Laboratory: Susan Lepri

Director of the Space Physics Research LaboratorySusan T. Lepri
U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Coordinating professional engineering for space hardware projects

Liaison to the Space Grant Coordination: Mark Moldwin

Director of the Michigan Space Grant ConsortiumMark Moldwin
U-M Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Connecting the Space Institute with MSGC